Frank and Music

Vinyl Record

It’s vinyl records like this one that have captured Frank Macari’s heart and imagination for decades.

Frank Macari is a finance professional based in the Edinburgh, Scotland area.  When he isn’t busy working, Frank has a great passion for music, and is a true aficionado of all types of music from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Thanks to technology such as personal music players and websites such as Pandora and Spotify, music has since become very personal.  Nowadays, the phrase “listening to music in your flat” invokes the image of a solitary person, surfing their computer while blasting tunes into their headphones.  But back in Frank’s youth, before the compact disc had even been invented, that phrase had a very different connotation.  Those were the days of vinyl records, which made music a very social thing; instead of listening to music to zone out, people would get together with their friends to play a record or watch their favourite artist perform on television.

Top of the Pops

Top of the Pops was what introduced Frank Macari to music those many years ago.

When Frank was a boy, the programme “Top of the Pops” would play every Thursday, showcasing the United Kingdom’s newest hits.  After watching “Top of the Pops” with his friends, Frank would go out and buy one vinyl record of his choice.  Back in 1979, when Frank was just nine years old, a young English musician named Gary Numan first performed on this programme, with a new type of music: “electronic”.  After watching Gary Numan perform on his scratchy television, Frank Macari’s entire world was changed.  He developed a great passion for electronic music, and it became an essential part of his life.

As time has gone by, Frank Macari and his friends haven’t forgotten the magic of music.  Frank frequently travels across Europe to see his favourite artists perform.  A lifelong fan of electronic music, Frank loves such electronic powerhouses as Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and OMD.  Frank has been collecting vinyl records since he was a young boy, a hobby that he picked up from his father, who collected rock n’ roll records.  Over the years, Frank has sold records on and off as well.